Chronic Unstimulation

Today was not a good day. You know how yesterday I was celebrating a solo pity party? Well, guess it’s a raging rave because it’s still not over! Part (ok, most) of the problem is pain. I have a dorsal column stimulator in my body to help alleviate nerve pain. The pain is caused from nerve damage that was a result from a horrid case of SHINGLES. Just writing that word makes me sick to my stomach. If you have not had a shingles shot, please do. SOON. So, back to my stimulator…yea, it’s not working. I hurt. And to add insult to injury, I am so tired of the activity restrictions that I am on until at least February 18. Pain medication helps a little bit. But not for very long and I hate how much medication I’m taking. So I’ve been trying redirection. That’s where this blog and my soon to be up website come in. I’m working on a away to focus energy on these two things so I’m not constantly thinking about pain. During my recovery period (Basically since Sept 17), I have seriously gotten into subscription boxes. I started with one and now I have over 30 (!!!) subscriptions. They are fun and I’m really enjoying finding so many new products. The next post will be explaining just what I want to do with the website. My hope is for good, restful sleep tonight so I can have a productive day at work tomorrow and finally pop every last dang balloon that has been hanging around for my party. You know the song, “It’s my party, I can cry if I want to”? Well, it’s time for a new theme song. Self pity can kiss my arse.

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