My True Home

imageOnce MTH (my true home), came in from work, he marched back to our bedroom. I sat up and tried to look as classy as was possible with swollen eyes, red nose dripping snot and flat matted, tangled hair. And I had the girls just dangling free kinda like theyd been shoved in a too tight bra and they’d had more than enough. They enjoyed the free swinging comfort and they were not being put in that Boobie contraption. Not for anyone. In other words, I cry ugly and Gravity has done yanked on my girls so they no longer stand at attention. No, Sandra & Dee…well they hang low sweet Chariot. Sometimes when I’m trying to get dressed either Sandra or Dee will make a run for it. Only thing is, I don’t notice until I go to zip my jeans up. Then YEOWWWW. I accidentally zipped my nip. That hurts. But sweet MTH just grinned, wiped my tears away, handed me a fresh fountain DP and gave me a kiss. A kiss from a real man who’s letting me know that he loves me and will always be beside me. He will hug me when I’m crying. Hold my hand when I need to feel his love. He will do the dishes so I can follow dr orders and not bend or twist. Then MTH will tell me how much he loves me. How it will get better. And do you know something? It’s those times that I know he thinks I am beautiful. He likes my droopy girls. He even loves the roller coaster emotions that he doesn’t understand. That man is my hero. He may not understand- but there’s no doubt that man loves me. He is simply my true home.

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