Bath Bombs are the Bomb

I went to work today and finally feel like I’m getting over my blahs! And tonight I discovered the most magical thing. Bath Bombs!! I’m sure everyone has heard of these wonderous inventions but me. But that’s ok, finding them this late just makes me oh so thankful for them!!! I received 2 of them in my February Goode Box. It’s a great subscription box full of health and beauty items that are made from organic or vegan ingredients. These little wonderful smelling balls made my whole night! I didn’t want to get out of the tub. And when I did, my skin wasn’t dry and wrinkly like it usually is when it’s cold outside! Nope. My skin was smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom!! And I smelled divine. I still can’t quit smelling myself. I can’t remember who makes these particular bath bombs, but I will look at the box card tomorrow and post it. I know for a fact that I will be ordering more of these. They have them in different yummy smells, so I think I’ll get lavender next. That scent is supposed to help with sleep and I can sure use that! For some reason, I can sleep just great when the sun is out, but when I’m supposed to be sleeping, my mind is in overdrive. And I promise I’m not a vampire. So here’s to hopefully sweet dreams and a productive day at work tomorrow! I’m still smelling my arm…..Hopefully it’ll put me to sleep!

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