Simply Saturday

I think it’s time to get over this depressing fog that has invaded my brain, body and house. My sweet hubs is worried about me and my son even called to ask me if I thought I was going through menopause. Because, as he said, “You have always been so logical and now you’re so emotional”. Geez. So I have made myself some promises. I have to get out of bed. Every day. I have to go to work in days that I’m supposed to. I will put on makeup at least four days a week. Yep, that’s a shallow, vain little thing, but it makes me feel better. And how can I start a subscription box and product review if I don’t actually use the products??? We are going to start eating at the table. And going out to dinner a couple times a week. And the biggest…We are going back to church. I need that. I need the peace that I feel after. I need the hope. The promise. The faith. Making promises is much easier to do than keeping them. But if I don’t keep them and start LIVING again, well, I think I will just fall off the edge of the earth. So I have chronic pain. Lots of people do. I need to learn to deal with it. I have become a complete and total hermit. I basically live vicariously through magazines and subscription boxes. And while those may be fun for awhile, they are not substitutes for a life well lived. It seems like I’ve spent so much time just waiting. Waiting to feel better. Waiting. I want to write. But I’ve always been waiting for the “right” time or opportunity. Why?? The only time I know for sure that I have is right NOW. Not one month, one day or one hour from now. Like Dolly says in her song,” You better get to livin”. So excuse me while I go brush my hair and put on some face paint. Today is Saturday and I need to live it.

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