Small Successes Matter

I left you last to go put on make up. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I look my best. Just gives me a little extra zip in my step. And having all of these new products to try is fun. So, I put on my makeup, sprayed a little perfume and even put on a necklace. My mustard seed locket from the Love + Blessed box that came in last week. I did learn something from my “beauty session” though. When you have so many samples (sub boxes!) of perfume, it’s always best to put your glasses on before you choose one. I have lots of little vials as well as mulitple “deluxe sample” sizes. So…. I pick up one that I can read the big letters on the vial. Chanel. I’ve never worn anything by Chanel (it’s a little out of my budget), so I was excited to see how yummy it would make me smell. It did smell yummy. And very, very masculine. So I (belatedly) got my readers out to see what I just very liberally sprayed all over myself. It smelled manly for a reason. It was men’s cologne😳. So, I thought about it and had a brilliant thought…I took another sample and put on top. This was a rollerball sample of something very floral. And, it worked. I smelled good! So, I looked and smelled good. Or at least I looked better than I have in weeks. My sweet niece and her husband came over to see us. I have a sneaking suspicion that my dear sister might have sent her to spy on me (I know she has been worried about the whole Susie is in an emotional vortex thing). But it was so nice to see them. We even went and grabbed a bite to eat at a little bbq joint just out of town. It felt amazing to be out of the house, socializing and having fun! We came home and I got everything ready to go to church this morning. But we didn’t go. Because I didn’t get up. Boo. I did get dressed and put on makeup though. Then we went over to my son and daughter in law’s house for lunch. I had promised him that we would so that he could see I was ok. And also, during this extended period of funkiness that I have been going through, I have basically quit eating. Especially eating healthily. I skipped breakfast and lunch. I usually ate a huge salad each night. (Adrian has been picking me up a big bag from the grocery every other day). And then every night before bed, I ate a Super size Snickers. In retrospect, I see my diet sure isn’t helping my mental health any! But I did eat at J & C’s today. And I played with my gbabies! I rocked the baby. And I played outside with the older three. We even set up a target and shot BB guns and bows & arrows. It was a beautiful day and I had a beautiful time. We stayed about 2 hours or so. And I didn’t go to bed when we got home! I did laundry!! And I’m excited about that! I’m still doing laundry. And I plan on going to work tomorrow and actually driving there. I know that all of this may sound incredibly mundane, but it is HUGE for me right now! So, yay! It’s my own “Super Sunday”. And I’m thankful.

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