Monday’s Private Poetry

So, since I haven’t told anyone about this blog (well, I told my mom she needs to read it, but I just gave her name of blog without telling her it’s my blog. She hasn’t looked at it yet!) and I’m a Wanna Be Writer and Possibly a Poet, I have decided to write some of my poetry here. Wow. That might have been the longest run on sentence in the history of blogs! So, back to the poetry…. The year before last A and I spent Christmas in Port Aransas. It was perfect. Peaceful, romantic and a great “just the two of us” time. Our goal is to go back and stay in the same room every year. We actually had reservations for the day after Christmas last year. But, unfortunately, we were not able to go because I was not up for the drive and we had both already missed way too much work. One of my favorite things about that vacation was walking along the beach. It was too cold to swim, but absolutely perfect to walk and think. Or walk and not think. Either way, it was the most relaxing way to just enjoy being alive. On one early morning walk, I was mesmerized by all the writing in the sand. Every 10 feet or so someone had written in the wet sand. Usually something along the lines of “John loves Jane Forever”. Proud declarations of love for anyone and everyone to read. At least until the tide came back in and washed the writing away. Kind of like the old Etch-A-Sketches that my kids had. These shoreline love declarations got me to thinking. So I wrote this:

Just walking alone
Enjoying the beach
The crashing of waves
The sound of joy and of peace
There’s a seagull in flight
It gracefully hits the land
When, farther down, I notice
Love letters in the sand
That got me to thinking
Of the ones who took the time
Who declared there in the sand
The love on their mind
Was it a couple of teens
Who simply felt they must?
Driven by the newness of their love
Fueled by the fires of their lust?
Maybe it was a young couple
Just recently wed
Writing their names in the sand
While envisioning their future ahead?
It could have been a couple
Who’d been together quite awhile
They knew each other so well
They could talk with just a smile
Perhaps they were older
Long into their golden years
Reminiscing of the past
Both with laughter and with tears
I guess it really doesn’t matter
Be it an old man or young girl
The truth is simply LOVE
It’s why God put us in this world.

Susie Adair
Written December 26, 2013

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Private Poetry

  1. Love this! I hope this blog goes viral. You are an amazing writer! I remember writing I love my mommy in the sand in Pensacola, taking a pic and sending it to u so u wouldn’t forget about me while I was gone. Although now, I know that never could you forget about me. But as a young teen, I did not have the knowledge of being a parent. Nonetheless, I know it made you smile. It doesn’t have to be between couples. But I know writing in the sand shows your love for someone and always has meaning behind it! I love u more more more.


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