Comfort Food

Today has been one of those pain filled days that keeps your mind foggy. I remember as a child, whenever I didn’t feel good, my mom would make me a grilled cheese and tomato soup. That was always my go to comfort food. And I guess I have never outgrown it. I still make it for dinner when I feel yucky. So, if course, that was on the menu tonight. Grilled cheese, tomato soup and a pickle. What is your go to food when you don’t feel good? Is it the same food that you reach for when you’ve had a crappy day? I was going to post a poem today that I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s called Pain. But I can’t find it. Ha! So, I will look for it tomorrow and post it then. Here’s hoping for a good sleep and a productive day.

One thought on “Comfort Food

  1. Still my comfort food. I think bc it makes me feel like mommy is still right next to me making me feel better. 🙂


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