More Mediocre Musings

I couldn’t find the poem that I was looking for last night. I have hundreds (really!) of pages of poetry. I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. Usually nobody but family ever sees them. But I decided to put some on this site, because, nobody but family basically knows about FF&F anyway! So this one is called Pain

It’s always there, never ending
Grips your mind and takes your breath
It’s a continual gorging on your insides
Almost makes you wish for death

Usually when you think of pain
You think it of pain that will soon pass
But what happens when it settles in
And you realize that it’s here to last

First it affects your daily routine
Then it begins to interfere with your sleep
You try to think of anything else
But it’s just buried in too deep

Soon the physicality of it
Is seeping like a tumor into your head
Somedays you don’t have the strength to fight it
And feel it would be easier to just be dead

But you have so many people
Who, quite simply, are your life
So you fight to stay above water
Because you’re a mom, a daughter and a wife

You don’t want to go to bed
But yet you don’t want to get up
There’s so much that needs doing
You can’t simply say “Enough”

Modern medicine has come so far
So why then does it seem so stagnated?
Why can’t they ease the pain?
You’re not only hurting, but beyond frustrated.

Susie Adair
Written sometime in 2014

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