Box Booty

Let’s talk about my new addiction. Subscription boxes. I discovered them when I was first recovering after surgery this past September. I used to smoke over a pack of cigarettes a day. Eew. I’m very happy that I quit. And after I added up all of the money that I was saving, I decided that I was going to treat myself. I figured that if I invested that money in something fun it would accomplish two things: 1) It would keep my mind off of wanting a cigarette and 2.) It would keep me from buying a pack of cigarettes because I know that if I do, I have to cancel ALL of my boxes. Okay, that thinking MIGHT be a little convoluted. But whatever. It works. I have not smoked a cigarette since September 15, 2014! And I’m having an absolute ball when I get a box in the mail! I consider them my reward boxes!! It’s like a mini Christmas whenever I open one! And, on days when I really hurt or am just really feeling down, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read blogs and reviews about boxes just to get keep my mind distracted. And how smart is this… When my sweet hubby raised his eyebrows and questioned the practicality of all of these boxes, well, I just subscribed to a few for him! Viola! He’s in agreement now that sub boxes are cool. All it took was one Drag racing T-shirt a month along with a couple of fishing tackle boxes! Told Ya I was smart!šŸ˜‰. Another great thing about these boxes is that I have discovered some really cool new products. My skin on my face and body is the softest and best looking it’s ever been! Since I have sooo much stuff, I had to show both my husband and myself that I wasn’t just hoarding products, but actually USING the products. Ive gone from using lotion only after a shower to using it several times a day. My hands look so much younger. And they feel better than ever! And my face!! My skin is as smooth as a baby’s butt and I swear that my lines and age spots are better than they ever have been! I don’t know if it’s the brand of products or simply that I’m using everything with such regularity, but boy does it work! I’ve been keeping track of my empties so I can take a picture and give a review of each product. I’m up to about 5 different products at night and a couple in the morning! And I’ve discovered that pampering myself is fun! I’ve never been great at makeup. Now I’m trying all different things! Who would have thought that at 48 years old, I’m trying out smoky eyes, bronzer and lipstick??? Tomorrow night I will post a picture and description of the products that I have used up! I can’t believe how satisfying it is to use something up and throw it away! I have always been more of a “buyer”, “collector”, or “hoarder” of make up, skin and hair care. Now I’m a “user”!
The upside to all of this: I’m keeping my focus on this blog, poetry and boxes/products instead of letting myself stay in the pity party that I threw myself this month!

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