Let’s Add Text for the Last Post!

I just posted two pictures. I tried to post a blog to accompany those pictures, but I obviously didn’t do it right. The first picture is of my sweet hubby on our daytime Valentine date. We went into Dallas to look at cool cars at the Autorama. It was really nice getting out and walking around for a bit. Hopefully, I’ll be 100% released after I go to dr this Wednesday so I can do a LOT more! After the car show, we stopped and picked up Bug, our oldest granddaughter. She is 10. She is not allowed to wear makeup out of the house of course, but she loves to play with it. After staring in amazement at all of the sub boxes piled up in my room, she decided that we needed to give each other makeovers. So we cranked up Taylor Swift, painted each other’s faces and laughed until our tummies hurt. It was so much fun! Bug time has got to be the very best antidepressant ever! My face was actually sore from smiling. Then we watched Marley and Me before she went home Sunday afternoon. And while we were watching it, I got a raging toothache. I had actually broken my tooth right after surgery several months ago. But it didn’t hurt, so I didn’t go see the dentist. I have an intense, irrational fear of dentists. And that fear always tends to make things worse because I put off my dental care. So I spent today at the dentist and trying to sleep the pain away. Yuck. I hope your Monday was much better (or at least not as painful) as mine was!

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