Do What You Can

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt.
I just read those words over at And that got me to thinking. All I’ve really ever wanted to do was write. And here is the internet. Here is my blog. I’ve got my brain (no smart remarks) and my fingers, so I’m going to do what I can, with what I have just where I am. Right now where I am is in bed disgustingly sick from the antibiotics! But reading and writing make me feel better, so here ya go…. A poem called Mind Road Trip

When you start a new book
A seedling is freshly planted
With each new chapter the tree gets taller
It cannot ever be taken for granted.

A good writer can use words
To paint a clear picture in your mind
As the story unfolds before you
A whole new world you’re sure to find.

There are millions of books in this world
And their subjects run both far and wide
But a truly captivating story
Makes you feel included, like you’re inside

It can make you feel so deeply
Transport you to a magical place
With words so very vivid
You clearly see each character’s face

Some books will make you chuckle
With some, you’re sure to cry
The very best writing causes all
Makes you think, smile and wipe a tear from your eye

No matter how you’re feeling
It can be a really, truly awful day
A well written story
Can, and should, take you far away.

My heart beats a little faster
My eyes hold a secret smile
Knowing as I crack open a new book
I’m going on a mind road trip for awhile

With all the chaos in this world
Politics, war, drama, shingles and doom
Teach a child to read. So they too can fly
Without ever leaving their own room!

Written by Susie Adair
January 2015

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