Snafu Saturday

I decided to pamper myself this morning since I have all of these wonderful products. So I took a hot bath and threw in a rose scented bath bomb. Mmmmm. Then I put a brightening mask on my face, a deep conditioner on my hair and exfoliated my feet. Can’t get more relaxing than that. Afterwards, while congratulating myself for how soft and glowy I was, I got dressed for the day. I have a huge box of perfume samples. Last time I used one, I didn’t have my glasses on and put men’s cologne all over myself. So I made sure to go put THAT over on A’s table. Anyway, I grabbed a little vial and sprayed away. Hmmmm. Kinda natural maybe? Earthy? I figured it would settle in, so I finished getting dressed. A had gone to Starbucks because there was a Cars & Coffee thing there today. When he came home, he walked up to kiss me. He leaned in and looked a little puzzled. He asked what perfume I was wearing. I replied that it was just a box sample. He said it smelled funny. So, I went to take it out of my collection. I didn’t want to smell “funny”. This time I had my glasses on. 😳😳. I sprayed myself with an odor neutralizer/air freshener. The tiny little print said it works great to freshen your trash can!! I sprayed myself with garbage perfume!!! I am keeping a pair of readers on my vanity from now on.

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