Sub Box Sunday

Happy COLD RAINY Sunday. Today was the Daytona 500! Joey Logano won. Hubs wasn’t happy that a Toyota won the Daytona. But Earnhardt Jr. finished 3rd, so that mollified (does anyone else like that word as much as I do??) him. The Oscars are on tonight, but in our house, that’s no biggie. I only care about the dresses and shoes. Since I subscribe to a zillion magazines, I will see all the fashion in those. I’m sure that we will be watching drag racing tonight in this house. A is in heaven because racing season is officially here! Also, I am feeling particularly OLD today. My son will be 30(!!) on the 25th. I swear, it seems like yesterday that I brought his tiny, yellow glow worm looking self home. Now he has four kiddos of his own! And his oldest will be 7 on the 27th! So a week of birthdays. It’s raining and cold as I mentioned above. And supposed to get colder over night with possible ice accumulation of about a 1/2″. If it’s bad, Adrian will have to drive me in to work tomorrow. I’m a big chicken and my Camaro is not good on ice. If it’s TOO bad, then I will be working from home. I really need to go to work since I have missed soooo much work in the last five months. So although my gbabies are all praying for ice and no school, I’m praying for no ice! Anyway, I wanted to make a list of the subscription boxes that I get. But, before I do, please remember that I have so many because I quit smoking!!! Smoking is expensive! And bad for you!! When I quit, I calculated how much money I spent on cigarettes. It was a ridiculous high amount of money to spend on something that kills you!! So I took that money and subscribed to boxes. My thought was that the boxes are fun and something to look forward to getting in the mail while keeping my mind off of smoking. I might have gone a little overboard. Okay, I went a lot overboard. But my excuse is that I was stuck home and heavily medicated. Most of these boxes I got with a great Black Friday deal. I’m not going to keep subscribing to all of them. But I am going to review each one I get starting in March. Today I am going to make a list of the boxes that I get. I may or may not show Adrian this post. Sooooo, here goes:
*Ipsy-my first box! It’s a monthly make up bag filled with beauty products.
*Fortune Cookie Soap Box- I haven’t received my first box yet, but this is a quarterly box full of bath and body items!!!
*Beauty Joy-monthly box of beauty, body and hair items.
*Test Tube Beauty-Bi Monthly box of make up and skin care
*With Love From Angela-Monthly box of homemade and small business bath & body items
*For the Faithful-Monthly box of Christian products
*Birdie Box-Monthly box of golf related products (this is for A)
*Sports Crate-Monthly box of sports related items (also for A)
*Danklo-Monthly box of pure surprises (haven’t received my first month yet)
*Birch Box-Monthly box of deluxe samples of beauty, body, hair care and occasionally a home product
*Box of Happiness-Monthly pack of cards, stickers and papery
*Mugler Addict-Quarterly box of deluxe samples of products by Thierry Mugler
*Walmart Beauty Box-Quarterly box of beauty stuff
*PashBox-Quarterly lifestyle box
*Eco Emi-Monthly box of natural, organic or vegan beauty and body products
*Her Fashion Box-Momthly lifestyle box
*Klover Box-monthly box of natural, vegan or organic items
*Goode Box-Monthly box of natural, organic or vegan items
*Oui Please-Bi monthly French box of fashion, beauty, body and bath items
*Vegan Cuts-monthly box of vegan beauty, bath and body items
*Glossy Box-monthly box of deluxe or full size beauty and body items
*Honest Bundle-Monthly box of body and home essentials. (All natural)
*Beauty Box 5- Monthly box of drugstore type beauty items
*Allure Sample Society-Monthly box of high end beauty and body products.
*Cause Box-Quarterly box of awesome products that make a difference! And money from each box goes to a charity that you can select.
*Blush Mystery-Monthly box of beauty and body items.
*E.L.F Bundle- quarterly boxes of 10 full size E.L.F products
*Redline-Monthly vintage drag racing t-shirt (for Adrian)
*Love + Blessed-Monthly box of Christian encouragement
*Boxy Charm-Monthly box of deluxe or full size beauty and body products
*Tackle Grab-Monthly box of bass fishing tackle (for A)
*PopSugar-Monthly lifestyle box
*Your Bijoux Box-Monthly box of jewelry
*Little Lace Box- Monthly lifestyle box
*GlobeIn- Monthly artisan box full of handmade items from artists around the world. All fair trade
*Mystery Tackle-Monthly fishing tackle (for A)
*Beer of the Month-12 bottles (4 different kinds) every month of different brews from all over
Wow, wow, wow! Lots o’ boxes! But I’m still saving money (and my health) in the long run. And I will start posting each box so you can see the value, but even more, I will start posting reviews of the products in the boxes! And there is no way I can use and review all these by myself, so I’ve enlisted a few people to help me out! I will also post links so you can subscribe to the ones you are interested in! Do you get any boxes? If so, please tell me what you think! Not smoking, only subscribing, Susie.

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