Words for Johnnie

Since I love to write poetry, I have decided to write a poem for my children and grandchildren on each of their birthdays this year. Tomorrow is our son’s birthday. He will be the big 3-0!! His is the first birthday of the year, so here is his poem. It’s called Words for Johnnie

When I think of my sweet son
A whole lot of words come to mind
I’ll try, but they can’t begin to describe my love
Of my boy who is so kind.

Father-He’s simply one of the best
Compassion-He blows away all the rest
Godliness-His heart is full
Honesty-It lives inside his soul
Knowledge-With it, his brain is filled
Energy-He just cannot be stilled
Husband-He cherishes his wife
Joy-It’s abundant in his life
Speed-He talks so very fast
Competiveness-He hates to come in last
Music-He loves all different kinds
Family-I’m so blessed to call him
Birthday-Tomorrow is his big day
I love you more, Johnnie, is what I mean to say.
Written by Susie Adair
February 24, 2015

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