Throwback to Teenage Poetry

Tomorrow I’m going to be 49! The last year of my forties!šŸ˜±. I was going through a suitcase of writing. And, I must say, I was quite angsty and dramatic at times! Ha! Anyway, in honor of the last year of my 4th decade, I decided to post 6 poems that I wrote as a teenager. And yes, you may laugh!
Do objects feel?
Do chairs say ouch?
Do I cause it great pain
When I sit on the couch?
Does the TV get too loud
Maybe get a double earache?
Do the tables hear the thunder
And maybe start to quake?
Do the walls have eyes
Exchange stories in the night?
Is the ceiling hypersensitive
To extremely bright light?
Is the front door arthritic?
From being slammed again & again?
Does the car get cold and lonely
In the rain and the wind?

What is reality?
Who draws that line?
Who makes the decision
If it’s malignant or benign?
How does the mind
Just suddenly snap?
Is the brain dead for good?
Or just taking a nap?
What causes a person
To jump into craziness
Is it stress or society?
Or maybe just laziness?

My First Prom-1980 To Tony Taylor
I walked in
And gazed in awe
Amazed at everything
That I saw
A band was singing
Couples dancing and swaying
People softly laughing
Teasing and playing
Were these my classmates
That I saw every day?
These beautiful people?
There could be no way
The girls were all wearing
Long dresses and flowers
The guys wore tuxedos
Full of pride and of power
Everything was so perfect
So dim were the lights
I’ll never forget my first prom night

The Writing Girl-1981
I pick up pen and paper
When I get the notion
Transfer my thoughts to paper
Pure poetry in motion
It helps unscramble my brain
Clears the cobwebs from my mind
Helps me muddle through it
So I won’t be left behind
It’s kind of like meditating
Or getting lots and lots of kisses
It gives me a sense of peace
Where I fulfill my deepest wishes
My worries fade away
For at least a little while
My frown lines disappear
My face breaks into a smile
So when you see me writing
Please quietly go away
For I’m in my own dreamland
To relax a little each day.

My Worst Enemy-1982
Sometimes when I’m happy
She brings on such pain
Sometimes when it’s sunny
She brings down the rain
Sometimes when I laugh
She turns my laughter into tears
And when I feel my most confident
She reminds me of my fears
I don’t know why she does this
Or who she wants me to be
But then I realize the truth
My own worst enemy is usually me.

I look towards the sky
See the stars twinkling bright
Their glittering glory leads us
On our wonderous plight
I look toward the ocean
The sea endless it seems
Beckoning us to go
Follow our dreams
I look towards the ground
See a flower in bloom
It symbolizes life
And outshines all gloom
I look towards a rainbow
And see a pot of gold
It’s shimmery sparkle
Warms even the most cold
I look toward my future
With my eyes open wide
I see all these symbols
Finally, I decide
To follow my dreams
Follow them and be free
I look again at the rainbow:
there by the pot of gold I see me.

Wow! My handwriting was big and bubbly. I scratched through a lot of lines in order to find the deepest! I have laughed so hard tonight. And I have cried tonight. For that young girl with her dreams and hopes. That young girl with her plans. Then I look at my husband laying beside me. I think of our 3 children. Our 10 grandchildren. I still have my parents. I adore my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Then I think about the young poet Susie. I think she would be proud. I think she would be happy. I know I sure am! Oh! It’s midnight. March 4. My birthday!

4 thoughts on “Throwback to Teenage Poetry

  1. Sweet Susie, I loved reading your poetry! I used to write all the time also. You are wonderful with your words! Thanks for sharing. I hope your birthday was awesome!


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