Sleeping at Grammy’s

We had a sleepover here last night. Six grandchildren stayed all night and one was only here until around 10:00 or so. He turned 9 months old yesterday, so he hasn’t spent the night yet. Our babies usually start sleeping over around 2 years old. Our slumber parties are famous in this house. We’ve always had them a few times a year. But a couple of years ago, our son told us that they were trying to cut down on the amount of toys the kids had. They had way more than they could ever play with. So I decided that we would start gifting experiences instead of gifts. Oh, they still get a few presents at Christmas from us, but the big thing now are gift cards. In the form of hand written index cards. The favorite cards are for the sleepovers. We now have them every month. It is a big deal. We have ten grandkids and the older 8 usually stay all night. We have quite a time. Last night we had a gourmet meal consisting of Lil’ Smokies wrapped in buscuits served with a side of mac and cheese. Yep, my babies have sophisticated taste. Then they run wild for an hour or so while A and I spend that time throwing a football, dressing dolls, unclogging toilets and generally laughing until our faces hurt. After they played last night, we all sat at the table and decorated sugar cookies. Did you know that food coloring is dang near impossible to get off wood tables? After they decorated and ate too many cookies (they are at Grammy and Papa’s you know), we spent about 25 minutes changing into pajamas. It takes so long because somebody always loses their pants or underwear. And there is a LOT of giggling that slows the process down. Then we watched Big Hero 6 with the lights off. Most of you probably think the kids fall asleep watching the movie. I mean, they are young children. 3 years to 10 years. So by 11:00 at night they should fall asleep watching a movie in the dark right? Wrong. Remember all those sugar cookies? The movie ended around midnight. We did have two fall asleep. The rest were still giggling and smelled like cream cheese icing and sprinkles. We ALMOST had one crisis. Bullfrog, the 3 year old wanted his milk in a sippy cup. He only uses a special kind of sippy cup. I have one. Or, as I discovered last night, I have parts of one. The cup and the lid. But not that stupid, stupid little soft plastic thing that fits in the lid to keep the milk from spilling everywhere. Who invented that dang cup? And where is that plastic part????? After literally tearing my kitchen apart with no luck, I went in to tell the Frog that he wasn’t going to get milk. I was beginning to think that I would have to call his Daddy, the big Toad, to come pick him up or at least bring me a sippy cup. But, a miracle! He was asleep! They all were asleep. They stayed asleep. For about 5 hours and 20 minutes. And then they woke up. Happy. Ready to play. Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person. But even I can’t be TOO grumpy when I’m awakened by giggles. So I got to see the sun rise. I don’t understand the fuss about sunrises. I like sunsets better. By 8:15, they were outside playing football. By 10:30 they were gone. The house was quiet. Except for Willie, one of our weiner dogs, who was not quiet. He was sick. He ate too many sugar cookies it seems. Did I mention that along with all the grandkids, there were also 4 weenie dogs and a lab puppy here? By noon I was asleep. And when I woke up, my first thought was that I needed to plan the April sleepoveršŸ˜³. We are going to make lip balms. Should be interesting.

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