Just A Little Paper Problem

This weekend Adrian and I decided to deep clean our bedroom. Ugh. How can so much stuff fit in one room??  I think if anyone besides A & I were here at that time, the show Hoarders might have been called. We were ruthless. We threw out a huge contractor’s bag full of stuff. We didn’t just pick up, dust and vacuum.  We CLEANED.  It’s amazing how wonderful it is to wake up to a freshly cleaned and organized bedroom. It just makes the morning better.  And for me, that’s a huge thing. I truly, madly, sincerely loathe mornings.  Anyway, while we were going through our desk and night tables, I noticed something. Actually, a lot of somethings.  A ridiculous amount of journals. I have every type, color, size and design that you can imagine. Lined and unlined. I easily have at least two dozen that I have started writing in.  Daily thoughts, blessings, poems, rants, etc.  But here’s the thing-those 24 journals are half full. Some are only a quarter full. Two even have only a couple of pages written on.  That’s a problem. Then I started counting the new, never opened journals😨. Oh my. I have about thirty of those. Now, before you think that I buy journals and notebooks every time that I leave the house, let me assure you that al least half of my journals were given to me.  The other half I bought. So I pulled out the three that had the most writing in them. And I promised Adrian that I was, in fact, going to fill up those three books.  And I gave my word that I wouldn’t buy any more notebooks, journals or even paper until I used most of these. Then the weirdest thing happened.  It’s only Tuesday and I have received THREE journals in different sub boxes. Three!  In two days!!  Beautiful, blank, lovely journals just yearning to have a pen put to them. (We won’t talk about my pen problem, but suffice it to say that it’s bad.). I was so excited to show A these journals. He didn’t look near as happy as I felt.  But, I can’t help it. I. Love. Paper. I could camp out in Office Depot and feel like I am as close to Utopia as I could ever be.  My newest additions are on the shelf in my night table just waiting to be cracked open. And I think I might just dream about paper and words. And it will be a good dream!

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