How I Became A Member of the Red Sole Society

Several years ago I became fascinated with Christian Louboutin shoes.  Do you know the shoes I’m talking about?  If you have ever read any fashion, beauty or gossip magazine, you have seen them.  They come in many different styles, but they all have a bright red underside.  It seemed like once I decided that I really needed these shoes, I was seeing red soles in every magazine that I opened and every award or live tv show that I saw.  I dreamed about wearing owning a pair of these heels.  I talked about them constantly and would show Adrian every magazine page that featured them.  It got to the point that if we were watching Jay Leno in bed, A would notice those soles if a guest had them on.  He would always say something like, “Hey baby, look at those Loubies.  Do you like those?”. My answer was always “Well duh.  They’re Louboutins aren’t they?”. He would snort because sometimes they would be crystal encrusted 6″ heels that not only would I never wear, but if I did attempt to walk in them, I would surely end up at the ER.  I have given myself a high ankle sprain simply walking in my Keds.  Graceful, I am not.  And please note, I very, very seldom ever wear heels.  I wear cowboy boots 5 days a week and sneakers or flats the other 2 days.  But, I. Loved. Those. Shoes. One small problem (besides the whole walking in them and never wearing heels thing), was the price.  Mr. Louboutin is so dang proud of his shoes.  One pair cost more than my car payment.  Gulp.  Choke.  Sigh.  I so wanted those shoes. I even went to Neiman Marcus at the mall one day.  The sales lady came up as I was holding (drooling on?) a pair of Loubs.  She asked if she could help me.  I asked if I could try those Louboutins on.  Now, I might have a Texas accent that is noticeable.  And I obviously didn’t say the name of those shoes correctly.  That sales ladylooked down her nose at me and sneered, “Do you mean these Christian Louboutins?” in the snottiness tone of voice.  Oh.  Very quietly I whispered “yes please.” She got my size, handed them to me and walked off.  But you can believe that she was watching me the whole time that I tried them on.  Guess that she was afraid I was going to wobble my redneck self out of the store with them on my feet.  You have no idea how BADLY that I wanted to pull a Pretty Woman moment.  You know the one…where the lady is a snot to her.  She goes back later with thousands of dollars in clothes and says “Big Mistake” and that clerk’s eyes about pop out of her head?  Yeah, I so wanted to do that.  But, alas, I’m not Julia Roberts and I didn’t have Richard Gere to swoop in, save the day and buy me the shoes.  And, I’m not a hooker either, just so you know.  I left Neiman’s without any red soles and wanting to punch that shoe clerk in her perfectly made up eye.  Sooooo, fast forward several months to Christmas time.  We were having our family celebration at my mom and dad’s house.  Everyone was smiling funny.  We open gifts one at a time so that everyone can watch the others open.  We got to me.  My turn.  Everyone got weirdly smiley again.  Annnnd!  Yep!  Christian Louboutins.  Black peep toes.  Red dust bag and everything.  I had one second where I prayed that mom didn’t buy them from THAT sales lady (I am petty enough to hope she didn’t get a commission on MY precious shoes), and then I couldn’t put those babies on fast enough.  Mom and Daddy raised me of course, they know I’m a clutz, so they got me the 3″ heels figuring I wouldn’t hurt myself too terribly badly with the shorter length.  I have my Loubies!!  I still probably don’t pronounce the name correctly, but I have my own pair by gosh.  Adrian did laugh at me the first time that I wore them out.  I guess I was walking like a horse (just had to make sure those red soles were visible)!  And I learned that I cannot wear them to church.  I did once.  But when the service was over, I realized that I had not heard ONE word the preacher had said.  I was admiring my shoes.  Sorry God.  My niece wears the same shoe size as I do.  When she graduated college in Florida, she came to Texas for a couple of job interviews.  I lent her my shoes.  She was offered BOTH jobs.  Now granted, she is very smart and very beautiful.  But I’d like to think that my shoes also had something to do with it.  Red soles, remember??? I still notice those red soles in magazines.  I still love my Louboutins.  And I probably still walk like a horse on the occasions that I wear them.  But I NEVER wear them to church anymore.

8 thoughts on “How I Became A Member of the Red Sole Society

  1. This post was such a fun read! I enjoyed every word. I do not own any Louboutins… but I think I can say it right based on TV, songs and hearing other people say it. 🙂
    Jimmy Choos are very popular too. Maybe one day I’ll buy a pair of one or the other. (sigh)


    1. Thank you so much!! I keep those shoes in their dust bag and just look at them. I’ve worn them exactly 6 times. I love them. But my cowgirls are so much more comfortable! Lol. Jimmy Choos are nice!


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