My First Link Up

Today I’m linking up with Thursday Thoughts from  I’ve never done a link up before and I’m ridiculously excited.  My last blog post was about this store called Pottery Ranch-The Gettin Place in Marble Falls.  The owner graciously emailed me to tell me he enjoyed my blog.  Then he ended the email with a line from Lonesome Dove that made me giggle.  That got me to thinking.  Adrian and I often bring up phrases from our favorite movies or tv shows when we are talking to each other.  For instance, if one of us sees a frog, we will point it out to the other and say, “You ever et a frog?”  Then the other one will scrunch our face up like Roscoe does in Lonesome Dove.  It never fails to make us laugh.  Do other couples do that?  Are we weird?  Here are some other phrases that are guaranteed to crack us up.  “Maybe the dingo ate your baby”- Seinfeld (must be said with bad Australian accent.)  “I’m your huckleberry”-Tombstone. “Corn, corn, corn!”-Second Hand Lions.  “July! But July’s in Texas Peach!”, “I hate rude behavior in a man. I won’t tolerate it”, “Want to cut the cards?”– all of those are from Lonesome Dove.  “Well, do ya punk?”-Dirty Harry.  “Big mistake, big, big mistake”-Pretty Woman.  There are many, many more.  Then, of course, we just have our own stock answers for each other.  He will ask me if I want him to grill me a steak. I’ll usually answer with “Yep.  That trips my trigger.”  Maybe it’s our own love language.  Or maybe it’s that we are both the same kind of crazy?  Whatever it is, I’m thinking that it works for us.  We laugh a lot together.  If we see a cool muscle car with a bow tie on it, we roll our windows down to hear what the motor sounds like.  We sing in the car, loud and off key, to old rock or Texas country.  We just get each other.  That’s a nice thought and a really, really awesome thing because we are empty nesters,  our kids are grown and flown.  I’ve heard couples say they will go crazy when the kids leave because they won’t have anything to talk about.  Adrian and I don’t have to worry about that.  We love talking to each other.  But if we ever get in a rut, I suppose we’ve always got our favorite quotes to make us laugh.  Have a great Thursday!

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