Thursday Thoughts

I’m linking up with again this Thursday for Thursday Thoughts.  This has been a crazy week.  Our stove caught fire this past weekend.  It was 17 years old, so I guess it was time for a new one.  But it scared the crap out of Adrian.  And it taught us a very important lesson that we should have known–ALWAYS keep a fire extinguisher in your house.  You know, for the times that your stove catches on fire.  We didn’t have one.  We do now.  The new stove was delivered this morning.  It is so nice!  I’m thinking that it is too nice to cook on.  No smudges, smears or anything.  We’d better eat out tonight.  We went and got a DVD player for the bedroom TV.  I am bound and determined to start my exercise routine.  After being inactive for so many months after surgery, it is way overdue. I finally put on the FitBit that came in the PopSugar + Target box.  I wore it for a few days and then went online to see my activity level.  It basically laughed at me.  So, A set up the DVD player for me and I put in the Zumba DVD that I received in a box (PopSugar?).  I was so proud of myself.  I almost was able to keep up with the instructor.  Granted, I couldn’t breathe and thought that I might be dying, but STILL.  I did it.  After the song was over, I fell onto the bed.  Trying to catch my breath, I was doing an internal happy dance.  Then I heard  “Very good.  That was the first warm up song.  Just two more and we are warmed up”.  Or something like that.  I can’t be sure since my head was spinning around like Linda Blair.  WARM UP?  Holy Zumba Batman.  I’m out of shape.  Maybe by the end of the month, I can make it through TWO warm up songs.  My last thought today is that I really wish our weather would make up it’s mind.  It has been close to 80 degrees first few afternoons of this week.  Now it’s getting cooler and storms are all around.  The lake is seriously low, so we really need the rain.  But I have four mini Weenie dogs.  They won’t do their business in the rain.  Their legs are much to short and everything gets wet.  That does not make for a fun day.  At least they are cute.  Oh!  I finally figured out how to get the pictures off of my camera and onto my phone.  I was going through them all last night and came across this one of me and my Daddy.  It’s just too good not to share.  My first hero.  Still my biggest hero.DSC_0319

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