Junkyard Cars and Roadside Beauty

I haven’t written in a long time!  This has been a week of pain and changes.  I will be writing more about the changes later on this week.  I wanted to write about a quick road trip that Adrian and I took last week.  He was looking for some new wheels for the black Vette.  So we went to a junkyard in China Springs that has mostly Corvettes.  I was excited to go because it is a beautiful drive and I knew that all the Blue Bonnets would be out.  So we set off.  It took about an hour longer than it should have because we missed a turn (we were looking at flowers) and then once we got a the right road, there was a train broken down on the tracks, so we had to back out and find another route.  It was all good though.  We like riding around looking at cars, flowers, barns and houses so we didn’t mind the extra time.  We got to the junkyard, got the wheels and headed back home.  We did stop to take a few pictures though.  DSC_0632 DSC_0634 DSC_0641 DSC_0643 (2) DSC_0650 (2)

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