Ch ch ch changes

This has been a crazy couple of weeks. We’ve had icky weather and that causes the nerve pain in my hip to go crazy. My battery for my implant has been needing constant charging. I have an infected tooth. I started a new medication that I thought was working when Bam! It started really doing a number on my blood pressure and my peace of mind. Then, of course, there was the pity party. I was so tired of feeling bad. Tired of hurting. Tired of being tired. Just when I thought that I was at the end of my rope, a fresh, strong, new rope appeared. A good rope. I was thinking that I could not go on like I had been. You know what? I was right. I needed a change. And I discovered the change that I needed. When I first started this blog, I told you that I had plans for a new website. I bought the domain name. I signed up for lots (seriously…. a LOT) of subscription boxes. I had plans to review the boxes and the products. I envisioned getting lots of attention for this new website. Maybe getting advertisers and actually writing full time. That’s always been my dream. I’ve always wanted to write. I only started this little blog to tell you about the new website.

I get at least two boxes a week in the mail. Usually quite a few more than two. I started keeping track of them and trying to use the products so I would be able to write an honest review. I will say that getting these boxes in the mail is fun. It’s exciting. A couple of weeks ago, I was reading a post on FaceBook. A high school classmate has been sick. She’s spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. It was very obvious from her posts that she was tired. Discouraged. Just having a difficult time. I understood. I wished that I could do something for her. Then I thought of the enjoyment that I got from opening all these subscription boxes. There was one box in particular that I really liked. It was a box called Loved + Blessed and I wrote a post on it the day I received it. It contained a charm necklace that was full of mustard seeds. To remind me that faith that tiny was all I needed. I thought of my FB friend’s pain and I thought of that necklace. So I contacted a mutual friend that this person and I had. I got her address. I made her a box. It was a simple box of little things. That necklace, hand lotion, a journal, lip balm, socks and a card. Just a little box of encouragement. I had a doctor appointment that Thursday, so I stopped by the post office and mailed it on my way home. Then IT happened. I felt my heart beating faster. I had a skip in my step. I felt joy. Real joy. For the first time since my car accident over a year ago. Changed.

I have cancelled all plans for my website. Why keep all of that stuff that I receive in the mail every day? I realized that I’m not supposed to be reviewing it. I’m supposed to be giving it away. That was the birth of Boxes of Encouragement. I’ve ordered more charms so I can make more mustard seed necklaces. I have two boxes on my table waiting to be mailed to women who can use a little encouragement right now. I’m going to keep this blog. I love to write. But, now I’m going to also use this blog to help me find women to whom I can mail boxes. I can’t say that this has taken my physical pain away. But it has taken the emotional pain away! I’m so very thankful. If you know of someone who needs a little encouragement, please email me and give me their info. I’m not sure how much longer that I will be working. I’m not sure that they will ever be able to fix my pain. But I am sure of one thing….I’m sure that all of this has happened for a reason. And I believe that reason is Boxes of Encouragement.

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