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These are a few pictures of my BOXES of Love table in my dining room. First of all, I need to say that I have the best husband ever! He has not said one word about all of this crowded into our front room. If you’ve been reading this blog or my Facebook, then you know what BOXES of Love is. If this is your first time here at my blog, well BoL is a new ministry that I have started to encourage other women who are going through difficult times in their lives. I have sent 6 boxes out so far and have 8 in my car ready to mail. If you have given me a person that you want to be encouraged, I will get the box out. These last 10 days or so have been difficult. I’ve basically been either in bed or at the doctor’s office or hospital because I am having a hard time getting my blood pressure stabilized. But all of this time spent flat on my back has got me to thinking…. Where do I want to go with BOXES of Love? I’m not really sure. I know that I love making them and I really love writing notes of encouragement. I have enough supply to send boxes out for at least 6 months. But I really want to keep on with this forever. Maybe I can partner with a church? I need to look into making BoL a full fledged non profit organization. I would LOVE to send out 10 to 20 boxes a week instead of a month. Adrian tells me to just take it one day at a time. He’s right, as usual. I do know that these boxes make me feel better than any medicines the doctors give me. Do you have any ideas? Right now this is how it works…. Someone gives me the name of a woman they feel could use a little encouraging. I then put together a small box of “goodies” along with a note letting that person know that someone is thinking of them. Please note that these boxes are just filled with little items to make you smile. Usually things like lip balm, a journal, lotion, socks, some make up and maybe a piece of jewelry. I have been making “mustard seed” lockets for some boxes to remind the recipient that they only need faith the size of a mustard seed.  I would like to keep it so that the letters are handwritten. It just seems more personal that way. Plus, I really enjoy writing them. I have been sending them out by USPS. If you have any ideas that you feel would make this better, please let me know. Do you think this is something that could grow it’s own arms and feet? Right now I’m reaching out to friends on Facebook to get the names of people who need boxes. Do you think there is a better way to get names? I’m asking all of these questions because I really want to reach as many people as I can. My goal RIGHT NOW is to send at least 6 boxes out every week. Please let me know if you know of someone you think needs encouraging, if you think there is a better way to get the word out or if you know of a more efficient way to send the boxes out! I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

8 thoughts on “BOXES of Love

    1. Thank you! I got the idea from the Love + Blessed box. I did contact the owner and ask permission to use her ideas. These boxes (had to change the name to the caring crate bc Boxes of Love was already trademarked) have changed my life. I use all my sub box stuff and give it all away. It never cost the recipient or the person who nominated them. I hope to one day make it a 501C3 non profit so I can partner with some large businesses. I thought I’d send a couple boxes out. The response has been amazing. As of this week, I’ve now sent 135 boxes out!


  1. Caring Crate = amazing! What a sweet, wonderful thing that you are doing for others. I wish I had suggestions for you… you mentioned partnering with a church – which sounds like a good idea – or what about a women’s shelter or other charitable organization? Or maybe a hospital – I know a friend with Breast cancer said she was offered a few things through somewhere – such as a free housecleaning… Have you looked into anything since this post in May? I see your meeting / exceeding your goal of 6 per week! 🙂

    My other question / thought if you want to grow, is about how much stuff you have to give away. I see you subscribe to a lot of boxes – 30+? But do you think you’ll get to the point where you’ll need help subsidizing doing this for free? I know a lot of us get too much stuff in sub boxes and we try to make the most of it by swapping & gifting, etc. but I bet there are some that have things to donate as well – so you could potentially start a way to collect donations if you want / need.


    1. Thank you! I (and my mom…I made her my Vice President of Everything) have decided that we are definitely going to make it a 501C3 non profit. That way, hopefully, we can talk to businesses and see if we can get more items donated. I’ve been in tears several times when the mail has been delivered. I’ve had box recipients send me checks to help with shipping to pay it forward. I’ve even had people send huge boxes of things like journals, nail polish, brushed, hand sanitizerz, tissues, socks, etc to help out! It’s incredibly humbling. I know that there are swapping forums, so I’ve always felt weird about asking for donations. But I guess that’s something I better get over if I want to seriously grow this? We are planning on visiting all the churches around just to let them know what we are doing. I hope all of this makes sense! I am writing it as I’m sitting at a drag strip and it is very loud!! Lol


      1. That makes perfect sense! And as you’ve already seen, you may not have to “ask” too much vs. just letting people know how they can donate. 🙂


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