Memorial Day Musings

The end of a long weekend. I have actually been feeling a little bit better and I even went to the store with A on Saturday! We found boxes that are just perfect for BOXES of Love. They are a plain brown cardboard so I think it will be neat to have them decorated by children. I have put a request out on Facebook for help with the decorating, but I also have all of my grandbabies that I can put to work! The BOXES of Love Facebook page has been shared quite a bit this weekend! It is so exciting and emotional for me to watch it grow! It’s amazing that what I had planned for these boxes is not even close to what is actually happening. I guess the old saying is true– if you want to hear the Lord laugh, tell Him YOUR plans. My grand idea for me to start a new business and make money is obviously not what He had planned. I think I could even go far as calling this an “accidental ministry”. And yet, nothing has ever felt so right. It’s been a crazy weather week for Texas. There are people missing in the floods, people have died and the damage is widespread. I pray for peace and comfort for all affected. I also wanted to share a poem that I wrote for Memorial Day. Being the daughter of a retired Marine, I’ve always been acutely aware of what today is about.

I’m a little bit disturbed
To hear of folks complaining
“Our long weekend’s been ruined!
By the cloudiness and raining.”

It’s a three day weekend!
Sunshine is needed for the lakes!
It’s a break from the stress of work!
Pop some tops and grill some steaks!

We can’t seem to all remember
It’s not a three day party for everyone
There are those whose hearts are heavy with grief
Over the loss of a father, husband, daughter or son.

So as you celebrate this very special holiday,
Please. Don’t ever forget all the lives that were lost
Freedom has never, ever been free.
It was purchased at the very highest coat.

Susie Adair

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