September is Here!

So much has happened since I last posted. I got a horrible stomach bug right after I wrote my last post. I just could not keep anything down and I couldn’t shake it. August 7, Adrian took me to the ER because I literally could barely stand up. Turns out that was very dehydrated and I ended up being admitted and stayed in the hospital for five days and four nights. It was the craziest thing! I’ve had major surgeries and had babies, but I have never been in the hospital for that long. But it really made me re-evaluate my lifestyle. And I decided that it was time to make some major changes! First decision was no more Dr. Pepper! I’m embarrassed to admit that I was drinking DP all day long. Every day. So, now it’s water. Tea occasionally. But I have not had any kind of soft drink since Thursday, August 6! And I also made some drastic changes to my diet. I had a really big problem with sugar. And with not bothering to eat all day long. Then when I did eat, I ate like crap. So that has changed. I quit cooking when the kids grew up and moved out. I have started cooking every night again. (My sweet hubby is thrilled). I have also cut out most of my medication. My implant is still not working and the battery is really painful against my skin. But, I decided that I’m going to hurt whether I take medication or not, so might as well learn how to manage the pain, right? After all of those changes, I’m happy to report that I am feeling much better and have started living my life again!!!

I truly believe that the main reason I am getting on so much better is because of the caring crate!! What started as a whisper in my heart and mailing one box has blown up waaaay bigger than I ever imagined. And I’m so very grateful. I bought all of the domain names (, .net, .org and .info) and hope to have the website up and running by the end of the month. I’m working on September’s boxes right now and they should be shipped next week. When I mail them out, I will have mailed out over 100 boxes!!! Wow! I even have a couple of names for October boxes already! And every time I open the caring crate FaceBook page, I see more shares and likes. It truly amazes me. It also kind of scares me. I can’t help but wonder if I can do this. I have absolutely NO experience at building websites. I have zero knowledge of non profits. But, I guess I will learn as I go. People are responding to these boxes in a way that I could never have imagined. I have so many people offering encouragement and prayers. I have amazing ladies sending me items for the boxes. I even have people making items! I’m so humbled and thankful. People have sent checks to help with shipping. It all kind of boggles my mind right now. I am beyond blessed. I have a friend who has offered to draw a custom logo. I have people offering to help pack boxes. My mom has been my biggest supporter since the first box. My husband has not only encouraged me, but he has never said a word about any of the costs. So….deep breath. It’s moving forward! Once the website is up, I will start the process of making the caring crate a legitimate 501C non profit. I’m open to any and all advice!

Along with growing the caring crate, I’m so excited just to feel like me again! We have a calendar full of plans for the fall! It’s finally starting to cool off here in Texas, so we are gearing up for lots of fishing, car shows and grandbaby sleepovers! I’m so ready to dust off my cowgirls and put up the sandals! And I am determined that I will catch more bass than Adrian. Hopefully I can get some great pictures to post here. We are going to the Mecam auto auction next week, so if you see us there, come say hi!😘

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