Cars, cars, cars!

October may mean pumpkins and football to most people, but for us, it’s all about the cars!! Every weekend in October there is a car show, swap meet or race to go to. It’s awesome because it means a lot of dates with my favorite person!  October is also a busy birthday and anniversary month in our family. We have two granddaughters with birthdays on October 20. Our birthday tradition is this: the birthday child gets to pick a cousin to stay all night here with us. They pick what they want for dinner and what activity they want to do. We had Bug’s sleepover this past Friday. She chose her lil cousin Bullfrog to stay the night. And they wanted to go bowling. We had a ball. We bowled for an hour and then spent a little bit of time playing video games. When we got home, we had dinner. She picked meatloaf and a cookie cake instead of cake. Then she opened her gift. She is not old enough to wear makeup yet (She turns 11 on the 20th), but she loves it. So she got a HUGE box of makeup. She was in heaven. Yes, I promptly was given a makeover. Saturday morning Adrian took them home and then we went to the square for a Corvette show. Then we had a wonderful lunch and spent about an hour walking through the park. So it was a very busy week and I feel so good to have gotten so much exercise!  I’m sore now, but it’s a happy and satisfied sore!!! I will not let pain keep me down. I’ve finally had an attitude adjustment!  Last Sunday we went fishing. It was wonderful and we caught so many fish! I also got all of the caring crate boxes packed and mailed out!  They’ve all been delivered. I get just giddy when I imagine them being opened!! This week is our 16th anniversary and we are going to the NHRA Fall Nationals in Ennis to celebrate. Thank you Jamie for the tickets!!!  And I hope to get all my fall decor out this week. I’ve been saying that for 2 weeks, but I’m DOING it this week!!! I wish the weather felt just a little bit more like fall though. It’s 93 degrees today. I don’t like cold, but I’d love it to be about 75 out!!  Still, I’m very thankful for these last couple of weeks!  And I’m relaxing, reading and blogging while trying to ignore the Cowboy game on TV. It’s not pretty😩. I hope everyone is enjoying their October and if it’s cool where you live or the leaves actually change colors….send me a picture!!

Couldn't figure out what these statue guys were looking at!
Couldn’t figure out what these statue guys were looking at!

image image

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