Bad Blogger

I’m back! I’m a lazy blogger. Actually, I just wrote a very long post and I lost it!! I’m not only a lazy blogger, I’m also computer illiterate obviously. I have been working on the caring crate though. If you haven’t already, please check out (and like) our Facebook page, The caring crate. It’s been an exciting month for this ministry! We have our official logo! image

I can’t wait to get stickers, cards, etc. made for the boxes! Speaking of boxes, we sent out a huge batch this month! I need to thank the wonderful, generous, and caring Pat Richardson for that. (She’s also my mom and she loves me lots). It’s been a difficult couple of months health wise and financially for me. As many of you know, I lost my job (and insurance) of 17 years due to health reasons. So this ministry has been my rock. My mom knows how much it means to me (and it means as much to her), so she not only came over and helped me prepare all of the boxes, she paid the shipping! So thank you Mom! I love you more!

Mom and me!
Mom and me!

Now that we have our logo and the boxes for this month have been sent, it’s time to start working on the website and the paperwork to turn this little ministry into a 501C3 organization. Do I have any idea how to do either? Nope. But they say learning is half of the fun. I don’t know who “they” are or if it’s true, but we shall see! Other than box stuff, my sweet husband has made sure that I get out every once in a while so I don’t morph into a piece of furniture. We have gone fishing several times and had a couple of grandkid sleepovers. Fishing gives my heart peace. Grandkids do not bring peace, but they sure bring joy. Adrian, my family, friends, dogs and the caring crate bring love. Really, what more can I ask for? I am blessed.

Delbert is NOT allowed to stand on the furniture.  You can see that Delbert listens very well.
Delbert is NOT allowed to stand on the furniture. You can see that Delbert listens very well.



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