Family Christmas

Every year our family has a big get together for a Chinese Christmas. We usually host it at our house and this year is no exception. We try to have a different theme every year. One year it was pajamas. Last year the theme was “As seen on TV”. We have a 50$ limit on the gifts. This year my little brother had a fantastic idea. The theme is “Regift with a Kick”.

If you’re not familiar with Chinese Christmas, this is how we do it: everyone draws a number (adults only. The kids exchange gifts) and that is the order of choosing. You go to the tree and choose a wrapped gift. Then the next person goes. They can either choose a gift from the tree or “steal” a gift that’s been opened. Once an opened gift has been stolen three times, it’s frozen. So nobody else can take it. We always let the person who drew #1 steal whatever they want at the end of it all. This makes for a very loud party with lots of bartering, begging and laughter.

So, this year. The rules are you have to regift something from your house. It must be in good condition and work. No broken blenders or anything like that. But there’s more. The kick. The kick has to be a purchased item under 8$ that turns your gift into a theme. Examples are maybe you have too many towels. Wrap a few up and buy a bar of soap (the kick) and you have a bath time themed gift. Have a wok that you don’t use? Wrap it up, buy a bag of rice and stir fry sauce. There is a dinner theme. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see the creativity this year. We’ve also invited quite a few close friends and their families, so we will have about 40 or so people this year! And instead of just drawing numbers written on paper, I try to think of a cool idea. Last year I bought purse sized packs of Kleenex and wrote the numbers on those. I have a GREAT idea for this year, but I can’t tell you what it is yet. But it’s cool.

To add to our craziness, my daughter in law had a great idea to have a tacky Christmas shirt contest too. We will all vote for the winner after the gifts have been selected and dinner has been eaten. I have a very interesting prize for the winner (?). But I can’t tell you that yet either.

What does your family do for Christmas?


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