Grands & Giggles


This picture is a a little over a year old, but it always makes me smile. It’s the only picture with me, Adrian and all of our grandbabies. It’s hard to get everyone to sit still long enough for a picture. These babies (no matter their age, they’re my babies) have my heart. They brought a whole new level of love into our lives. Some of my very favorite days are our monthly sleepovers.  They used to just include the kiddos 3 years and up. But the last one included all TEN of them. That’s a whole lot of giggles, hugs, dressing Barbies, dodging nerf balls and looking for socks. What it’s NOT a whole lot of is sleep!  These little, happy people don’t believe in waiting until the sun comes up before they start playing, giggling and shrieking. Loudly. I am not a morning person. It will not hurt my feelings if I never see a sunrise again. I am a sunset type of girl!  But even my grumpy morning self can’t help but smile on sleepover mornings. I’m smiling because their happiness is contagious. I’m also smiling because I get to give them whatever they want and then send my favorite little people home to their parents. This Sunday, when most people are having romantic dinners, flowers and chocolate as they celebrate Valentine’s Day, our house will be celebrating love too. The love and sticky hugs and kisses of our ten beautiful gbabies! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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