Friday Finishes~Faves and Fails

Hi Y’all!  It’s Friday review time!  Today I’m going to review a book, but first I wanted to recap this past week.  I know my goal was to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That did not happen this week.  Last weekend was great.  Adrian and I went on a dinner date and then walked for about an hour at our local “health park”.  One of our grandsons had a birthday party (he will be 8 on the 27th) and another grandson was treated to an amazing night of fun courtesy of Western Wishes. I am planning a future post about Western Wishes and how they have impacted his life.  Then Sunday, we had a sleepover  for the grandkids. (they had Monday off for President’s Day).  That was so much fun.  Until the scary part came….. Our youngest grand (he’s 1) had a seizure.  I had never seen a baby have one.  I did not stay calm.  I freaked out.  Thank God Adrian was already home from work.  He was a rock.  We called 911 and they took JL to Cooks Children’s Hospital (about an hour away).  It was a febrile seizure.  Turns out he had a severe ear infection and it caused his fever to spike quickly which in turn caused the seizure.  I’m happy to report that he is just fine and I’m also reporting that I’m praying I stay calm if it happens again.  But, please God, don’t let it happen again!

So, for my Friday Finish this week, I am reviewing a book.  I downloaded this book to my BlueFire Reader app.  The book came from the public library.  It’s called Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes and the author is Jules Moulin.  I know the title makes it sound like it’s all about sex, but I promise it’s not.  This is a sweet novel about love.  Ally Hughes is a college professor and single mother to 20 year old Lizzie.  The book begins when Lizzie is 10.

I really enjoyed this story.  It is a funny, sweet rom com that is a light and easy read. I laughed out loud several times and that always a win for me.  I love when writers can make you laugh and/or cry.  I could see this book as a movie on the Hallmark or Lifetime channel.   The story is about trying to juggle motherhood on your own while working and having your own life.  Ally has too much self guilt and doubt to have her own life, hence the title.  Although it was a little unrealistic at times, I’m really glad that I read this book.  Sometimes a sweet, simple and easy book is just what is needed.  I think this story fits that description just right! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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