Friday Faves and Failures

  I have 12 empties for this post.  I cannot figure out for the life of me how to turn this stupid picture around.  Sorry.  I’m obviously still learning how to blog.

1. Eco Beauty Goodnight Cream– Ipsy.  This lotion was okay.  It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either.  It is not thick enough for me in the winter.  But I finished it up when it was still hot outside.  I used it after all my other nighttime products and before my face oil.  It did the job.  I like the pouch but I would not repurchase this lotion.

2. Angel Face Botanicals Grace Facial Toner–Goodbeing Box. I loved this.  I used it every night after cleansing and it made my skin feel great. It was not drying at all.  I can definitely see myself purchasing this toner when I finish my others.

3. Olay Botanicals Moisturizing Toner–Walmart (I believe).  This was a nice toner.  I used it in the mornings after cleansing and it didn’t dry me out.  I like the Olay brand and would buy this when I run out of all the others in my stash.

4. Royal Apothic Bubble Cream–Little Lace Box.  I was so happy to discover this!  I loved the cream itself.  It smelled so nice and it made my skin so soft.  I felt like I was in a fancy hotel spa every time that I used this. I definitely plan on buying this in the future.  My only complaint is that it was hard to squeeze the cream out of the tube.  

5. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask– Popsugar + Target. This was the first sleeping mask that I ever tried and I immediately became a believer!  I used this twice a week and I loved the way my face looked in the morning.  All plump , dewy and soft.  I’m so happy that I have a couple more of these thanks to Target boxes.  I will purchase a full size when I use those for sure.

6. Suzanne Kaufman Shower Gel/Shamoo. Net-A-Porter 2014 Holiday Box.   This gel showed me that just because it is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it is better.  I tried it as a shampoo and was very disappointed.  So then I used the rest as a shower gel.  It was okay.  Will not purchase full size and will even give away if I get another deluxe sample.

7. Simple Micellar Wipes–Target.  I love these.  I use them in the mornings to remove my nighttime products.  I have several other brands to use right now, but I will definitely repurchase these at some point.

8. Dove Dry Spray–Allure Thrills.  This worked just fine and it was nice to get a full sized deodorant in a box.  But, it made me cough every time I used it.  I don’t think that I will buy it just for that reason.

9. Olay White Strawberry Body Wash–Walmart.  This gel worked fine, but the smell just wasn’t for me.  My grandkids ended up using it as a hand wash because they liked the sweet scent.  They called it the candy wash. I would buy this, but in a different scent.

10. MD Solar Sciences Tinted SPF 30–Birch Box. Loved this!  I don’t wear foundation unless it’s as special occasion, but I love tinted sunscreens and BB Creams.  This was a great match for my skin and I do plan on purchasing a full size this summer.

11. Beauty Protector Conditioner–Birch Box.  My new favorite shampoo and conditioner!  I love the way it makes my dry, mature hair feel and the scent takes me to my happy place!  I have already used my BB Points to buy the full sized set.

12. Eyeko Black Magic Mascara–Quarterly Box (?). I did not like anything about this.  It was a very dry formula and flaked in my eyes.  My eyes were so irritated and watery that I had to remove it within the hour.  I did not finish this.  I just filed it under “trash”.

And there you have it!  I have decided to use that grey round bin that came in PopSugar recently to house all of my empties.  This is one of my favorite posts to write because it feels good to actually use the products and it shows the progress that I am making. Kind of “justifies” buying more boxes!

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