Tuesday Thoughts

I haven’t updated in awhile.  So much for my consistent thrice weekly posts!  I wrote this post earlier, but it just disappeared.  So frustrating.  I really need to learn how all of this works.  This month has been crazy busy and all of the events really deserve their own posts, so I’m just going to do a quick recap.  

1. My daddy is in congestive heart failure.  He’s had a couple of different procedures, but really isn’t doing all that great right now.  My momma is confused and worried and I’m worried about both of them.

2. A friend of the family passed away on March 19th.  Dave was the father of my son’s best friend.  His funeral is tomorrow.

3. I turned 50 on March 4th.  My sister came in from Florida and all of the people that I love so much made sure that I had a wonderful celebration.

4. My mom and I went on a road trip to Mississippi to pick up my granddaughter.  The weather was awful, but the time spent with my mom was priceless.

5. I seem to have fallen down that deep dark hole that is called depression.  I have even been ignoring the caring crate.  But I am fighting, make that clawing,my way out of this evil fog.  I have devised my own little coping system that I will share on a future post.

So, all of the above, plus just life in general, has made for a crazy, painful month.  I’m definitely looking forward to the April showers and even more excited about the May flowers.

Still kickin’


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