Sewing Machines and Swear Words

This past Thursday, Adrian dropped me off at my mom’s house on his way to work. I was going over there to spend the day with her and my sister. We were going to just hang out, but we also were making a magic carpet costume for Chloe, my granddaughter. Her elementary school is performing Aladdin and she is Carpet. I volunteered to make it because her mom has five kids, a dog and a full time job outside of the home. My son had to go out of town for his job, so Courtney was rather busy.

I love going to my Mom’s house. It’s that comforting feeling that you get from being in a place that just says HOME in your heart. Don’t get me wrong; I love my house and am perfectly happy here. But, going to the house of your parents, well it’s like chicken soup for the soul. You know; warm, comforting, cozy and safe. Like a bug hug.

Anyway, I got there early Thursday morning. A little groggy because I have to take allergy meds due to her cat. No matter what, when I first get there, I go to the kitchen to see what snacks there are. Moms always have the best snacks. I notice (and love!) that my kids and grands do the same thing at my house. As I’m looking through her fridge, (aha! Her amazing homemade ham salad, SCORE!), we’re discussing how we think we should make the carpet costume. Mind you, we’re still optimistic at that point. My sister was planning on getting there about 10:00 and she’s going to be our mannequin. But, unfortunately, she was postponed due to some issues with her house. (She and Bob just moved into a new condo). I’m still so excited to say they live in Texas now!

So, it was just mom and I. And the sewing machine. Cue the music from Jaws. Imagine it playing as we go to set it out. Dramatic? Maybe. But, you must understand. WE CANNOT SEW. What we can do, however, is improvise. And laugh. We cut it out. We pinned it. Sewed up the sides. There was swearing involved. Not Marine Corps level yet, maybe more carpentry level. Then we got to the bottom of it. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Dumbasses. We shouldn’t have been so proud. All we needed to do was to sew the fringe to the front of the bottom. So that it would look, you know, carpety, when she was onstage and dancing. The fringe would be swinging around her legs.

Time was running out for us to finish. We had haircuts scheduled and were meeting my sister to go to a junior high basketball game. That last piece of sewing mocked us. The machine kept bogging down (user error?) and the swearing intensified. So did the laughing. And snorting. We were at auto mechanic level of potty mouth. And, maybe we were almost laughing until tears ran down our legs. It was soooo close to being finished. And then we noticed something strange. We looked. We cussed (USMC level), we snorted. We fell over laughing. Why? Well, it turns out that WE SEWED THE DAMN BOTTOM TOGETHER. So, it was more like a sack than a dress. 😳🙄😤🥵😡🤬

After wiping our tears away (from laughter or anguish….. maybe both?), we said screw it and just cut along the hem at the back. It worked. Does it look professional? Nope. Will it work? You bet your butt it will. We decided that if anyone looked close enough to complain, well, we’d just punch them.

We loaded up the costume, made it to our hair appointments and met my sister at my house. We all went to the basketball game, cheered on Chandler and had a great time. It was one of the best days I’ve ever had. Ignore the allergies, sore back and poorly sewn costume. What I will always remember about that Thursday is the laughter, the howling funniness of discovering how bad we suck at sewing and the joy of spending the day with my mom. The happiness in my heart of being at my grandson’s game surrounded by people I love so much that I can feel it in my teeth. The thankfulness that I feel now that my sister lives close.

This week my mom, sister and I have plans to go to the stock show. I can’t wait. I guarantee there will be more laughter. And my heart will get a little more full.

Oh! Here is a picture of sweet Chloe wearing the magic carpet costume. She is decorating it this weekend. I’ll take a picture of the finished costume, but here it is when she first saw what we had made. She never noticed the crookedness or poor quality of sewing. She LOVED it. Yep, we made that magic carpet.

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