Panic during Pandemic

I haven’t been here for quite some time. I’ve sat down to write about 25 times since all this craziness started. But, I just couldn’t find my words. This past week though, they’ve been swarming in my mind like a hive of African Killer Bees. So, I’m just popping in to say that I’m still here. I’ll be back very soon. I have so many posts in my head…here are a few topics I’m planning on addressing:

*Dealing with quarantine as an introvert
*Procrastination and public meltdowns
*Anxiety and fears about our parents as well as our children.
*Obsessive reading of news
*Remembering when we were nice to each other
*Breaking up is hard to do-when ending a friendship is harder than ending a marriage
*Finding my inner courage
*Goals and lists don’t matter if you never complete them

These are just a few of the many posts that I’ve started writing. I hope, that if anyone is actually reading this, you’re doing ok through all of this chaos.


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