Susie’s Mom Has Got It Going On

My mom just had her knee replaced. She walked 2 miles yesterday. I’m constantly amazed by the things she does. She’s never met a stranger, will give you her last dollar and got a tattoo when she was 65. Basically, she’s everything that I want to be when I grow up. She has a computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone and any other technical gadget that you can think of. She is the master of all of them. I don’t think that I’ve ever gone a full week without talking to her, nor do I want to.

Growing up, my dad was gone a lot for his job. Sometimes for months at a time. Mom was the ultimate Marine Corps wife. She held down the fort while Daddy was gone. She made sure we were not only fed, schooled and clothed, but she also took made sure that all four of us, (me, my sister and two brothers) got to do plenty of extracurricular activities. I twirled a baton, did gymnastics and cheered. My sister played all sports (she even played on a boys Little League team once, which was very rare back then), my brothers played football, baseball, wrestled, etc. You get the picture. We all got to do our own things. From youth activities to high school, she was there for all of it. Not just as a driver, either. She watched all games and cheered us on for everything. We knew that she believed in us.

To say that my mom is an avid reader is a major understatement. Books are a huge part of her life. That tattoo she got? It’s of a book. And a cat; she loves cats…(achoo). She fostered that same love of books in her kids, her grands and her great grands. She can tell you a fact or two about most authors. I can’t remember a time when she didn’t have a book in her hand. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing, she has a book or her Kindle with her so she can read if she gets spare moment or two. If you ask her a question and she doesn’t know the answer, she goes straight to Google. And, just like me, that quick trip to Google often leads her down a wormhole where she learns way more than just the answer to the original question. She’s 75, but her personality and energy makes you think she’s at least 15 years younger.

I could write thousands of words about her and I still wouldn’t be able to impress upon you just how cool she truly is. So, I’m going to go with bullet points.

• She makes the best sugar cookies. And ham salad. Deviled Eggs. Potato salad.• She likes Diet Coke as much as she likes books. • She loves to laugh. She snorts when she laughs. Sometimes she laughs until tears run down her legs. Then she laughs harder. • If anyone needs her, she’s there immediately. Usually with food for that person. • She’s a loyal friend. • She is this short, sweet looking 75 year old lady with a mouth like a sailor. • She hates the word elderly. • I only used the word elderly in the previous sentence to irritate her. • She speaks fluent sarcasm. • She will laugh if you fall. But if you’re hurt, she’ll quit. Maybe. • She is a true Mama Bear if you mess with her kids. • She loves music and always has. It makes me smile and think of her when I hear The Statler Brothers or Donna Fargo. • She has seen every episode of NCIS multiple times, but will still stop to watch it. • If anybody in the family tells her they like something, or collect something, she’ll hunt it down for them. • She’s the best gift giver that I’ve ever known • Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday, but she also loves Christmas Music. • She’s always up to go shopping. • She loves the slot machines at the casinos. • She truly treats her children in laws the same as her children. • She can make every one of her kids, grandkids and great grandkids feel like they’re her favorite • She loves and collects earrings • She loves tshirts with sayings on them • It’s A Wonderful World is her favorite song

If I haven’t convinced you that my mom is the coolest mom EVER, then, well, you’re just wrong. I don’t know what else to say🤷🏼‍♀️ In a lot of the fiction books I read, there is a mother character who is this strong, sassy, funny and loving person. I swear, my mom was the model or real life inspiration for this type of character. Honest.

Seriously though, she is truly the best. I’m grateful for her every single day. I don’t always tell her and sometimes I find myself bossing her around when I worry that she’s doing too much. I just can’t imagine a life without her in it.

I LOVE her. But, even more than that? I really, really LIKE her.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I Love You More

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