The Human Team

I’ve had to put myself on a strict diet. For my physical and mental health. No, I’m not talking about food. I’m talking about NEWS. I was like a starving person and information about Covid19 was my craving. So, I’d go straight to my local newspaper site first thing every morning. Then I’d hit both main papers in the D/FW area. I should have been full by then, right? Nope, I’d continue to stuff myself with Yahoo news, The Skimm, articles in my email feed and any random tidbit that showed up on my Google page. I’d also read the comments on each article. After about an hour and a half of binging on everything that I could find, I’d be sick. Sick with fear. Sick with anxiety. Sick with shame over the behavior of both strangers and friends. Sick with shame over my own indignation.

It’s hard enough to deal with a virus that’s not only killing people, making whole communities sick, isolating us from our loved ones and causing a huge, “never before seen in our time”, economic blow, but it’s absolutely gut wrenching what it’s done to our humanity. Instead of uniting and fighting this virus as one, we’ve taken to fighting EACH OTHER. Social media and news reports are full of stories of fighting, name calling, bullying and just plain ugliness. Why? When did an illness become political? When did we decide that a differing opinion gives us the right to forgo basic courtesy? What happened to kindness? To the golden rule that we learned before we ever started school?

I may not agree with everything that you believe. You may not agree with all that I believe. Does that mean that we have to spew horrible things at each other? We’re all dealing with something. It’s not a contest over who has it worse. It’s not a reason to discard decency and shame a person just because their thoughts don’t align with yours. I’m not looking through rose colored glasses. I’m not trying to be a pollyanna. I’m just afraid that if we don’t stop, check our entitlement and our anger, getting through this pandemic may be the least of our worries.

This week, and maybe next, you can find me feeding my soul a little positivity. And, in order to accomplish that, I’ll continue with my “diet” for awhile longer. Stay safe and remember that no matter your beliefs, we really are all on the same team. The HUMAN team.

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