Painting with My Son!

Getting ready to paint!
Getting ready to paint!


I had a big birthday last month.  I turned 50!  I don’t feel fifty.  Well, my body feels it but my mind still thinks I’m 25 or something.  Every time I walk by a mirror, I’m always a little startled to see the reflection.  If I could go back in time and do one thing, it would be to slap the crap out of myself for saying things like, “I’m so fat”, “I hate me face”, or any of the other mean things that I thought or said about myself.  If only my younger self knew that at 50, I would look back at my 20 something year old self and be amazed at how thin, perky, blonde and wrinkle free I was!!! So, if you are a young person and reading this, don’t beat yourself up!  Enjoy and appreciate your youth!!

Anyway, my sweet son, Johnnie, decided to do something really cool for my birthday.  We had a date!  Not just any date either.  Adrian dropped me off at Johnnie and Courtney’s.  I went in and got hugs and kisses from Court and the kids.  Then we were off.  The first thing I notice as he’s opening the truck door for me are the flowers (roses!) in my seat.  My boy gave me flowers!!  Then we went to a wonderful little Italian Winery and Restaurant.  We had a fabulous meal with even better conversation.  After dinner we held hands and walked around the square.  Our little town of Granbury, Texas has the neatest square.  The courthouse is in the middle and surrounded by the coolest little shops, boutiques, restaurants and even a live theater house!

After we walked the square for a bit, we went to a place called Painting With A Twist.  How fun is that??!  We painted sunflowers.  It was the perfect way to cap off a perfect date!  Now, neither Johnnie nor I are artistic.  We can’t even draw stick people.  But the instructor was amazing and even though we spent a lot of time laughing at our paintings, I think they turned out great.  Even with both eyes opened!! I was not thrilled about 50.  But it sure beats the alternative and honestly….I really like this age.

My family went above and beyond for my big day.  I am so very thankful.  And I am so blessed to have a son who will not only take his momma on a date, but buy her flowers and plan such a special night! Thank you Johnnie!  I love you more!

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